The implementation of the Trusts and Trustees Act of 2004 has made possible the setting up of numerous types of trusts in Malta. The Act merges the trust instrument to a Civil Law jurisdiction. The Trusts and Trustees Act has also made possible the recognition in Malta of trusts whose proper law is not the domestic framework; this by giving force of law to the Hague Convention on the Law Applicable to Trusts and on their Recognition of 1985.

A Maltese Trust can be made use of by locals or foreigners and can be a beneficial vehicle both in the commercial sphere, such as being a means to hold assets as a guarantee used as security to a third party, and also for private purposes such as in succession planning or when segregation of one’s own assets is required.

At Vincent Micallef and Associates we advise clients on the use of a Trust in accordance to their specific requirements. With our knowledge and¬†experience in the field, coupled with our practiced principle of fully understanding our client’s goals, we pride ourselves in being amongst the best fit to assist clients in this respect, whilst continuously striving to ensure that our clients make the best choice out of the Various Trustee Services available.